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    Default Runtime version

    I downloaded the Beta version of A5V10 and recently ordered the CD version of A5V10Developer version and the CD version of A5V10Runtime. I installed the Developer Version of the program - no problem. Developer version work with no problem.

    I installed the runtime version and it said it installed correctly. The CD was entitled Application Server and not Runtime as in the past, which is curious.

    I am not sure just how to RUN the RUNTIME version?? I click on the Application Developer ICON in the LOWER RIGHT side of the desktop and it says that PORT 80 is being used. What do I do now?


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    Default Re: Runtime version

    Sounds like you need to contact sales / customer service at Alpha as from what you indicate you received the Application Server software which is NOT a runtime. It is software used to have a server on your computer.

    Regarding the port 80 issue--just means that you most likely have something else like IIS using the port that Alpha needs to use when running the Alpha server.
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