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Thread: Getting error message when trying to set up new forms

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    Default Getting error message when trying to set up new forms

    We have had Alpha 4 for two decades. Last week we purchased Alpha 5 Version 9 and installed it in a new computer. The data we had on our old computer, and on Alpha 4 (some 20K records) transferred fine - we can see them in our defaults for our four data bases. However, we cannot use the data to create any forms, browse lists, mail labels, etc. We get so far in creating these and an Alpha Five box appears with a big yellow exclamation point in it that says:
    Script:UI_DLB_BOX:form_new_child_dlg line:8
    a5_style_bitmap_draw( "bmppreview", stritran(cStylesheet, " " +SYSTEM_DEFAULT)
    Property not found
    +SS.background_bitmap subelement not found.
    It asks that you press OK. When you do and then press either Next or Finish - you have no form in the form box.
    On Friday last week your customer service agent suggested we uninstall the program and reinstall it. This we did and the problem is still there.
    Can you help us with this. Thank you
    Tom Westmoreland

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    Default Re: Getting error message when trying to set up new forms

    "transferred fine" covers a lot of possibilities.

    Try recreating the tables in A5 and appending the data from the old tables to the new tables.
    There can be only one.

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