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Thread: .chm or .hlp file won't open

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    Default .chm or .hlp file won't open

    I created an help file in both .hlp format and .chm format. they will open just fine outside of Alpha 5, but as soon as I put them on a button or thru any form using the help attachment - it says there is an error and nothing shows.

    I am on V9 - desktop only applications.

    I am using Helpmaker or Help & Manual and they both do the same thing for me.

    Any suggestions on how to get help files to read correctly?


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    Default Re: .chm or .hlp file won't open

    Hi Leah,

    I know this is after the horse has bolted, but is there any reason you did not use the Alpha built in Help maker. You can make this form sensitive. See Alphasports.

    How are you calling the help file that you have created?
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    Default Re: .chm or .hlp file won't open

    What is the error? I have used .hlp and .chm files without problem.
    Note however that accessing such files on another computer is blocked by Windows for security reasons. There are ways around this issue.
    So please provide some more information and we may be able to assist.

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