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Thread: Xbasic code not working with MySQL

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    Default Xbasic code not working with MySQL

    I am not a real proficient Alpha programmer but know just enough to be dangerous. We upgraded from ver 4.5 to ver 9 a few months ago and had a few minor issues to work out. One was a form that prints an Install sheet for new customers. I finally was able to get the form to print from a button using the xbasic code below.

    current_record = alltrim(str(recno(),10,0))
    :Report.print("Wireless Install","BETWEEN(RECNO(),"+ current_record+ "," + current_record+")")
    goto cleanup

    We then converted our Data to a backend MySQL Database for an application running on one or Linux severs managed by a third party and now the script does not print the proper record when doing a sort and find by key.

    The form will prinf if you scroll to the desired record and don't do a search.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Xbasic code not working with MySQL

    There is no such thing as "recno()" for a SQL backend, whether MySQL or any other SQL database. SQL tables do not keep track of the absolute physical position of a record. What you can do instead is to create an auto_increment integer field for the MySQL table -- call it "recnum" if you like -- and then create a "recnum" integer field in the active-linked Alpha Five table. Then you can use the between() function with "recnum" instead of "recno()".

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