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Thread: getting a5v10 to recognize compressed DBF files

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    Default getting a5v10 to recognize compressed DBF files

    I had 2 disasters to a laptop & desk top.

    Purchased a new laptop. I had Best Buy backup my old laptop Alpha files files to a DVD. Most of these were compressed. When I attempt to recover the DBF files the files are not readable. They show up in a note pad format. How do I recover the data to Alpha v10 dbf etc format.

    Paul -

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    Default Re: getting a5v10 to recognize compressed DBF files

    On my computer I right click the folder, go to Properties and uncheck "Compress drive to save disk space". That's normal Windows compression.

    However it may also depend on the backup system used. My backup software allows me to compress using various formats during backup. In that case you would need to find out how the files were compressed and use that compression softare to uncompress. BB should not have put you in this position.
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