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Thread: Making Alpha5 Window Top Most Window

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    Default Making Alpha5 Window Top Most Window

    I have written a reminder system that uses script_schedule() to trigger a script on a pre-defined schedule to look for upcoming events. This application run as a seperate application from the client's main application. So at any given time the client is running a client management application and also running the reminder application minimized. The client management application has tools to work with the reminders table. The reminder application essentially sits in the background and looks for upcoming events to reminder the user.

    The problem I am having is I would like to have Alpha Five pop-up a window on top of any open window (Microsoft Word, Outlook, etc.) whenever one of the events are found by the reminder application. I can open a window but I am unable to make it the top most window that opens on top of all open windows.

    Thank you in advance for anyone's assistance.


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    Default Re: Making Alpha5 Window Top Most Window

    a5.activate() will make A5 Active and bring it to the top. I'm not sure if this will meet your needs, depending upon how you've coded your pop-ups, but must be one of the steps for sure.

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