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Thread: Script:a5_open_script_password

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    Default Script:a5_open_script_password

    Good afternoon, all.

    I made some (seemingly innocuous) changes to the OnFlyover and OnFlyoverLeave events for a button that closes a form. It saved without problem or error message.

    Now, when I go to modify the properties of ANY event on ANY button throughout the entire application, I get the following error:

    Script:a5_open_script_password line:9
    An unhandled exception was generated.

    I've now spent what I consider a lot of time searching help files and the message board but can't seem to find a specific reference to this error. I even deleted and recreated the button where I initially played with the OnFlyover event, etc. but to no avail.

    The buttons all seem to function when running the app, however I would now like to enhance the button look& feel by further modifying the OnFlyover event, but I can't access them at all. Upon clearing the error message, I am left in the interactive code editor.

    Thoughts? Fixes? Any idea what I did to screw myself up?

    All replies greatly appreciated upfront.

    David Feldman

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    Default Re: Script:a5_open_script_password

    Hi David,

    Sounds like a bit of corruption.

    The first thing to try when you get into this situation is to Compact Database. This can be found under File-> (Main Menu Bar).

    Let us know how you get on.
    Keith Hubert
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