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Thread: Embedded images in netmailer

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    Jean-Marc Laporte
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    Oct 2009

    Default Embedded images in netmailer

    I am new to Netmailer. I tried all sorts of combinations, but have been unable as yet to get an image embedded such that it is properly displayed when the e-mail is received (rather than ignored or made available as an attachment). The closest I can get, with the coding below, is for the received e-mail to display a small logo, which presumably indicates that there ought to be an image here, but there is no content.

    I have read the thread on this topic begun by mrculp, and tried to follow instructions there as closely as possible. I have chosen the "embedded" option, and simply listed the image file, jcslogowide.gif. The following is the code for my test message:

    <img src ="jcslogowide.gif"/>
    <p>Dear whoever
    <p> Sunday 12.19 PM.Message format of this test is html only.

    What am I missing?


    J-M Laporte

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    Lynda Huddleston
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    Sep 2005

    Default Re: Embedded images in netmailer

    Does anyone have an answer for this.. i too would like to include a bitmap embedded in the document... not as an attachment. How can this be done?

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