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Thread: Log Off

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    Default Log Off

    Is is necessary for web users to log off, or can they just close their browser? If they should log off, what functions happen in addition to closing the browser?

    Thank you.


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    Default Re: Log Off

    I am a complete novice, but since no one else has piped in and I am working on a logoff right now on my project, here is what I use:

    for the java OnRedirect/etc event...

    for the xbasic event from a dialog aftervalidate event...

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    Default Re: Log Off

    Just blanking out a session variable does not log them off.

    Create an A5W page named logoff.a5w with this code. Make a link to this page so they can click to log off. If they just close their browser, it is OK, but in that case they are NOT logged off until their logoff time expires, whatever you set in Web Security Configuration. Also, if you set Remember Me, they are logged in forever unless they specifically click Log Out (like this message board).


    'logs them out

    'clears all user session vars

    'Optional: save a msg to show elsewhere why they are no longer logged in. In case they forgot they clicked Log Out
    session.loginmessage = "You have been logged out. Please provide your login details below to access the system."

    'Optional: deletes this special var (which you may not have)
    delete session.__protected__ulink

    'sends them to your desired page after logout
    Steve Wood
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    Default Re: Log Off

    Hello Steve,

    I applied this code and it works. Unless:

    If a user hits the back button ( i tested in FireFox 3.6.3) in the logout page, he is first directed to the last page visited (tries to open it) and than redirected to the loginpage (because the session has gone of course). Works as espected.

    HOWEVER if user than tries to login I get a nasty WAS message:

    500 Internal Server Error
    "Script Error
    Error:Script: /dbvb/__a5RunGrid.a5w line:36
    Property not found
    x_out.Ajaxresponse subelement not found."

    And after that user will not be able to login until i stop/start the server if the last visited page before logout has a record expander set to auto expand first record.
    If the last page had not an record expander set to auto expand one get a chance to logout properly again, and than a user can login without restart of WAS.

    How can i prevent that?

    Thanks in advance

    Ger Kurvers
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