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Thread: Prompt User for Save or auto save edits

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    Default Prompt User for Save or auto save edits

    I have been poking around the message boards and with Alpha in terms of prompting the user to save edits or just auto commit them.

    My first inclination what to go to the events area of a grid and look for something that fires when they close the form.

    Is anyone aware of a feature built into Alpha that will ask the user if they want to save changes? Seems bad if a user enters data, then navigate away thinking they made an input or change.


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    Default Re: Prompt User for Save or auto save edits

    Here is how I solved my problem:

    I have two grids, a master and a secondary grid the populates in the freeform region below... linked. Anytime you click a row in the master, the linked grid below changes data to show its related records. For example, customers in master and any time you click a customer, the grid below shows all of its related invoices.

    I have a check box as a column in the child grid. Users will toggle through records, sometimes many at a time changing values. I did not want them to have to hit submit ever time they change the master record.

    My solution was to in the child grid, go to properties of grid and add a row based java script event that fires onclick. In that event, I entered the following code:


    Seems to do the trick and any time a user updates a value in a row, it submits. I am sure there are cleaner ways to do this and may bog down the client side if they were changing lots of data, but this seems to solve the problem until I have a more elegant solution.

    Just wanted to follow-up to close the post for any that happen to search on a similar issue.

    If anyone has a better idea, I am always appreciative.

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