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Thread: Problems printing to pdf

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    Default Problems printing to pdf

    I'm trying to set up pdf printing capabilities on a new workstation. I cannot get Alpha 4V8 to print a report to an Adobe pdf document but, I am able to print the report to the email external pdf. I remember having this problem a few years ago but I can't remember how I solved it. Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.


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    Default Re: Problems printing to pdf

    I have installed bullzip pdf printer twice, naming one pdf-portrait and one pdf-landscape. Be sure to go into the PDF-LANDSCAPE printer PROPERTIES and select to print in landscape mode. I am using alpha4v7 and in alpha4, I setup printer definitions for the pdf printers...portrait and landscape. Then the report i want to print to pdf, at print time, i select the appropriate printer...landscape or portrait... And bullzip pdf pops up and I can select where to store the file and to name it then my document appears in Adolbe Reader. I store it into "My Documents....Alpha4 PDFs.
    This works fine for me... Bullzip pdf printer is a free program, you can google it to find the site for downloading it.

    Hope this works for you as well as it does me.

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