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Thread: IADN "Beginning Xbasic" Webinar

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    Default IADN "Beginning Xbasic" Webinar

    I will be presenting an IADN webinar course on Beginning XBasic that will be held next Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 at 1PM Eastern Time. Length is 90 minutes. Sign-up is limited to a maximum of 14 people (or class will be split)

    A follow-on Advanced XBasic will take place at the end of the month. Course Info is;

    "Beginning Xbasic"
    Xbasic is the underlying language for Alpha Five and attendees will be introduced to using all key aspects so they may read, modify and create XBasic code.

    While Alpha Five may be marketed for the non-coder, an ability to modify and code in XBasic will make your applications much more robust and solid, as well as the ability to debug portions of your application. This course will provide a foundation for you to build your skills on.

    Topics to be covered
    • Variables - Naming, Types, Scopes, Dimensioning
    • Coding locations/Advantages/Disadvantages - Action Scripts/Scripts/Functions/Events/Operations
    • Code Editor
    • Interactive Window - Testing
    • Debugger usage
    • Assignments - Long strings, Type conversions, Expressions
    • XBasic Expressions
    • Referencing objects - XBasic Explorer, Interactive Window
    • Code Style - Indenting, spaces, Casing, Commenting your code
    • Using built-in functions/methods - XBasic Explorer/Finding them in help
    • Key functions/Function types - "C" code, Methods, XBasic, Wrapper
    • Intro to List/Array/Collections processing
    • Loops
    • Tips for speeding code
    For additional courses, see: IADN's Alpha Five Spring Training
    All courses are taught online by seasoned Alpha Five Developers.

    IADN Useful Alpha Five Related Links

    Information about IADN
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