I received this note over the weekend re scaling from Clive Swanepol the president of Zebrahost

As Alpha Five v10 with Codeless AJAX (tm) continues to get noticed because of ease of development and the time saved in building modern Web 2.0/AJAX applications, more and more customers are asking us if it will scale to high volume situations.

In this context - we at www.Zebrahost.net recently performed a test for a customer who is deploying an Alpha Five v10 AJAX web app to 600 stores with thousands of users.

The goal was to better understand the scalability of Alpha Five v10.

The big question has been "Can Alpha Five Applications Scale?"

Based on the tests - The answer now is "Absolutely!"

To prove it, Alpha Software teamed up with us at ZebraHost and Neotys (http://www.neotys.com/ - a leader is web load testing) to run an Alpha Five Version 10 application through the wringer.

The application was a real world application developed by independent Alpha developers. The test simulated virtual users accessing the application in increasing numbers.

Using nine virtual machines hooked up to a load balancer the system was able to handle hundreds of simultaneous users. The Neotys load testing software working from a tenth virtual machine pinpointed bottlenecks. It generated the load, monitored the application and database servers, and helped to analyze the results. This enabled the team to make configuration adjustments that significantly improved performance. The load balancer distributed the load smoothly in a round robin configuration maintaining sessions.

Scaling Alpha Five Applications is achieved by tweaking the Web
Application Server to maximize its performance for the particular application and then adding hardware as needed. (Thousands of simultaneous users would simply require more virtual machines.)

Alpha software and ZebraHost have the expertise to help developers test, configure, size and deploy highly scalable web applications.

Developers can contact Clive@ZebraHost.net for an estimate of the cost to test their app.

Best Regards,

Clive Swanepoel


ZebraHost L.L.C.