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Thread: Win 7 -> ODBC -> 64 bit

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    Default Win 7 -> ODBC -> 64 bit

    For a number of years I have been developing custom report applications for a product that uses visual foxpro as the backend. This has been okay until the advent of Win 7 and the increasing presence of 64 bit platforms. I suspect of this will ultimately impact Alpha Five as well.

    In Win 7 64 bit platforms ODBC connections are generally not supported and few entities have released 64 bit drivers for them. In some case OLEDB will work which is my partial solution in the visual foxpro case. However, not all backends that support ODBC have OLEDB providers created.

    So here is my feature request and one that may add value to the AlphaFive platform. That would be for AlphaFive to create providers for back ends such as VFP and others, that would support the 64 bit systems.

    Microsoft certainly does not appear to have any interest in moving VFP towards 64 bit solutions. They seem to be pretty open about pushing SQL Server as the database of choice. This leaves those applications created in VFP to have complete backend rewrite and keeps AlphaFive developers from being able to create new front ends for those systems.

    I do appreciate there are some workarounds, and I am not singling out VFP there are many other so called legacy systems in similar situations. I think if there was supported data connectivity that many of those VFP developers and others would more willingly make the transition to AlphaFive.

    It seems as 64 bit platforms become the norm these problems will grow and a properly featured AlphaFive will attract new customers and developers. It would also expand the markertplace for existing A5 developers.

    Such are my thoughts.
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