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Thread: Data Refresh time taking hours now

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    Default Data Refresh time taking hours now

    Hi there, I've been using this for about 6 months (Reports are great!) but as the company file keep growing the refresh time has gone from minutes to hours. Am I right in thinking (sorry if this sounds daft) that everytime I refresh the data its taking an entire copy of the QB DB (now 60 meg) and dumping it into the passive tables. If so is there a way to just 'suck out' say the last week of data or can it look at the QB datafile and only bring over new/modified transactions?

    I have to run this report daily (basically invoice and credit reports in a special format) but its becoming unusable becasue of the delays - thanks for your help


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    Default Re: Data Refresh time taking hours now

    I understand your plight....and yes there are many things you can do to increase the speed of refreshing the passive linked tables.

    1. Only refresh the tables necessary (why do them all if not needed?)
    2. Limit the fields to only the necessary ones.
    3. Limit the data with either Where clauses or range, logicals (IsActive=.T. for example), a list of clients, etc.....
    4. There may be more ways given specific circumstances.....

    The free weekly webinar may or may not happen this Thursday, but something like this could be of benefit to you as we could demonstrate some of the above on request.

    Or private tutoring/mentoring perhaps if that would be of benefit....
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    Default Re: Data Refresh time taking hours now

    Mike is definitely right in his approach...

    We have clients with 4 gb QB company files that when the query is customized for efficiency, their refresh is minutes or seconds...

    I changed one a couple of weeks ago from 4 hours to less than 3 minutes with 1,000 records out of a huge QB file....
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