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Thread: Query multible records the query against sql

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    Default Query multible records the query against sql

    Is there a way to take a table full of records and create a script to get all the records in that table and take say the phone # field and then take the Phone# and check it against an sql table. This is to create a Do not call scrubber. I have this working on a form with on fetch but when there is 5-10,000 or more to check clicking next record is a pain and time waster. I'm going to do this from a temp table get the phone # and then once the Phone # is in a variable take the value and query a sql database if the query returns <> "" the record exsists and the record needs to be marked in a status field DNC so it doesn't get loaded into the system.
    Any insight will be much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Query multible records the query against sql

    Steven, it's been a while and I see no one has responded, so I'll take a crack. I think you will need to run a script that populates the temporary table and then loops through the records in the temp table one at a time. I'm not sure the best way to determine if a matching record exists in the SQL table but selecting (querying) may not be the fastest. If the backend table was a native Alpha Five table I'd be thinking about using the Exist() or Key_exist() functions, instead of running queries.

    A quick google search indicates that EXISTS is a valid keyword in many SQL implementations, and that it often will be faster than running a straight SELECT.
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