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Thread: How was this designed?

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    Default How was this designed?

    I'm new to Alpha 5. The application that I am writing to learn it would work great in a format like the one at (although it is a TOTALLY different application and industry). I just like the way the buttons are on the left and the 'forms' open up via tabs on the right. It is a clean format. I'm just wondering if anyone knows how this database was structured? I like the tabs have the "x" to close them. How do you do this? Is it based on subforms popping up when a button on the left and then a tab is clicked? Are they subforms or forms? Do they close totally when another button is activated?

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    The app is using the tabbed ui component of Alpha. Very nifty option.

    Viewing the videos about tabbed ui has been very instructive.(at least for me..)
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    Default Re: How was this designed?

    Note that the tabbed_ui is a web component (as is If you want to do this on the desktop you will probably need to use xdialog.

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    Default Re: How was this designed?

    zPatient uses ElevateDB as its database. ElevateDB is a ANSI 2003 compliant SQL database that is popular in the CodeGear Delphi community that we came from. You can check it out here ( We use it because zPatient shares a back-end database with our desktop application ( This has enabled us to provide concurrent desktop/web-based access to our medical records applications.

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