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Thread: Sales by Rep Detail 'Via' column

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    Default Sales by Rep Detail 'Via' column

    I'm a newbie to Quickbooks, but long-time SQL database user. I'm currently evaluating QReportBuilderrunning against a QB Enterprise 10 (Manufacturing and Wholesale) installation, and am trying to port and extend a couple reports. I have not had problems getting much of the data to display, however on the Sales By Rep Detail in Quickbooks there is a 'Via' column, but I have not been able to find this column anywhere within QReportBuilder.

    I also tried the 'Search Selected Tables for Data Value' trying to find the values in the 'Via' column without success.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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    Default Re: Sales by Rep Detail 'Via' column

    Welcome to the messageboard!

    If you drill down in the QuickBooks (QB) report you will see that the VIA column is actually the Ship Via.

    QB however does not have that as a field that can brought over with the report data--a QB SDK limitation not a QReportBuilder (QRB) one.

    But the Sales (and related tables) have the ShipMethodRefFullName field which is the one you need.

    If you searched for a specific piece of data and did not find it, my guess is that you searched without having refreshed the tables that have the data....I know... :) you need to know what table has the data so that you know which tables to refresh! The nature of the beast really and a little experience really helps and makes it easier over time to do this.

    Have fun!
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