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Thread: Connection Strings

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    Default Connection Strings


    I have a web app (v10) that runs via a named connection string with alphadao. The database is MySQL and is located on another computer on my lan.

    Locally, the app works smoothly (and very fast). However when I push onto the server, it is still trying to connect to my local lan's IP address for the connection string (and not the server localhost).

    Any ideas how to get around this one?

    Thank you!

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    you need to setup and publish under the proper AlphaDAO connection string. You could go in and manually change the the connection string in a5_application file which should be in your webroot directory. See below the path alias section Connection1 change to be what the proper connection string should be.

    '-----------------------------------AlphaDAO Connection Strings ----------------------------------------------------------
    'This is a CR-LF delimited list of AlphaDAO connection strings.
    'Connection strings are encrypted. If you want to edit a connection string shown here, you can enter
    'an unencrypted connection string by ommitting the 'Encrypted:' prefix.

    Dim _AlphaDAO_ConnectionStrings as c
    _AlphaDAO_ConnectionStrings = <<%txt%

    'Create a global collection called '_A5_AlphaDAO_ConnectionStrings'
    'At run-time, your Xbasic scripts can lookup a connection string as follows:
    'myConnectionString = _A5_AlphaDAO_ConnectionStrings.get("myConnectionStringName")

    DIM global _A5_AlphaDAO_ConnectionStrings as U
    dim gv as p
    gv = global_variables()
    _A5_AlphaDAO_ConnectionStrings = loadConnectionStrings(gv, _AlphaDAO_ConnectionStrings, "AlphaDAO")

    if this does not help see video on path alias- 3 videos
    Nicholas Wieland Corp

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    Default Re: Connection Strings

    Hi Nicholas

    That worked perfectly, thank you!

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