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Thread: Named connection string in runtime

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    Default Named connection string in runtime


    I built a program for a customer that brings in data via a dao connection from Quick Books the problem is that i built it in my system and the named connection has my user name and password how can i give my customer the option to edit or crate a new Named connection string in Alpha runtime

    Thanks Joel Lustigman

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    Default Re: Named connection string in runtime

    One of the build strings that can be utilized I believe even from AlphaDAO is
    {A5API=QuickBooks,FileName='.',UserName='Admin'} where the period '.' means that the currently open QuickBooks company file is to be used.

    If you need/want the user to be able to obtain QuickBooks data when QuickBooks is closed then the connection string has to be explicit....but can be dynamically created for runtime. Use the function: a5_AlphaDAO_Import() in order to do this. The first argument (cs) is the Connection String.....

    So by having a field in a table that can be set by your runtime user, a connection string can be created by the runtime user, saved in a table, set to a variable and passed in the above well and use it quite a bit.

    I believe there is also a function that will bring up the AlphaDAO dialog box if that is what you want instead.....
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    Default Re: Named connection string in runtime

    Mike - that looks pretty useful, but I don't quite understand how to implement it, and I can't find any help on it. Can you point me to more info, an example, etc?

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