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Thread: Calculated field totaling in an embedded browse based on a child table

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    Default Calculated field totaling in an embedded browse based on a child table

    I am trying to construct a system to track and forecast the cash flowing in and out of my business.
    These are early steps and I am trying to see if Alpha can help me with this.

    Invoices are entered into the TRANSACTIONS table
    and a popup loads a character value into the Type field of the ACCOUNT table.
    So every invoice will the following characteistics: a date, account number, amount, and a type
    where TYPE is a category of supply or service lables as Groceries, Supplies, Utilities etc.)

    The idea is that I could create a form that displays at a summary that consists of 6 columns.
    column 1 = Date
    Column 2= total amount due to "Supplies"
    Column 3= total amount due to "Groceries"
    Column 4= total amount due to "Utilities"
    Column 5= total amount due to "Payroll"
    Column 6= total amount due to all TYPES of expenditures

    I have a set made up of 3 tables (Main_date_frame)

    Table 1= MAIN_DATE
    Date_key ( date field )

    Date ( 1 to many relationship to Date_key above) D
    Account (supplier or service provider) N
    Amount (Amount payable) N

    Table 3= ACCOUNT
    Account ( 1 to 1 with Account above) N
    Type (category of supply or service eg Groceries, Supplies, Utilities etc)

    The Date_key field in Table 1 MAIN_DATE is essentially a column of sequential dates.

    I created a embedded browse within a form and the browse has 6 columns consisting of:

    Date_key field and the following calculated fields

    Calculated fields:
    Supplies_col = total(iif(Account->Type="Supplies",Transactions->Amount,0),grp->transactions,grp->main_date)

    Groceries_col = total(iif(Account->Type="Groceries",Transactions->Amount,0),grp->transactions,grp->main_date)

    Utilities_col = total(iif(Account->Type="Utilities",Transactions->Amount,0),grp->transactions,grp->main_date)

    Payroll_col = total(iif(Account->Type="Payroll",Transactions->Amount,0),grp->transactions,grp->main_date)

    TRANSACTIONTOTAL= total(transactions->amount,grp->main_date)

    I entered a series of dummy data and all the TRANSACTIONTOTAL amounts calculated correctly but I can't get
    supplies_col, Groceries_col, utilities_col or Payroll_col to show anything but a zero value.

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    Default Re: Calculated field totaling in an embedded browse based on a child table value.....

    Total() was created for use in reports
    Using total() in a form may work for some (or even most) calculations, but then using the groupings I think is where the problems start to manifest. Try using tablesum() or dbsum() to determine the totals needed as they are a much better fit for what you are trying to do.
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