1) Can you have a collapse all/expand all option, on any page where there are properties? I find that some of the property lists are very cumbersome, as there are many properties in each caterygory... i'm learning what property falls in each category and it now is more efficient for me to go to that category and select the option--although with all the categories open it takes me longer to locate what i need.

2) For fields and properties, can you create, above each list, a search text box that the user can start type the name of the property, and the list is filtered to what is being typed. --i know that there is the search feature now that pops up a dialog and then it filters the list when you type, but i figured it would be more useful to just have this search box on the design grid itself (instead of opening the dialog). with respect to fields, it would be very useful to have the same search textbox feature also to filter what is typed into the search box: one of my grids has 120 fields... easier to type the name to filter the list to find what i need.

3) I noticed that you can double click a property and it changes to the next value if there is a drop down list. however, if you select a property that has to open a dialog box [...], can you make it so that we double click either the name, or text area so that is opens the dialog box (many times i've gone to click the [...] and clicked the property either above or below what i actually needed. would be great if we had the option to double-click the propety name/label and opens the dialog.

that's all for now. i'll keep playing and see if there's any other stuff i come up with.