I've got problem with the POST method on A5 v 10.5

I have dialog component with some data that I'd like to use on another page. I don't want to use session variables.

Page1.a5w containing dialog component with submit button.
Page2.a5w to display data entered on Page1.

I've already checked samples like Dialog_wCascadingLookup, however this uses a GET method with redirection.

I cannot change HTML code in HTML tab of dialog component to set form action.
I don't have HTML code in Xdialog tab like some of the samples.

How do I get to POST data on Page2? Is declaring variable with the same name as in <form> on Page1 enough (like http://support.alphasoftware.com/alp..._Web_Forms.htm)

Is it possible to use same dialog component to send data do different webpages e.g.
Page1 with dialog1 sends data to Page2
Page3 with dialog1 (same as in Page1) sends data to Page4