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Thread: Printing to Network printer Issues??

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    Default Printing to Network printer Issues??

    I have a large report (1k pages) that when run looks fine on the report screen, prints fine to PDF, but when printing directly from Alpha to a network printer, every other printed page has child records(transactions) under the parent record(owner) that dont belong to that owner. Each page printed, looks ok as far as page contruction, but like I said, every other statment has the wrong transactions assigned to an owner. If I go to the PDF and print that off ... everything is good. Is this something that is a known problem with large reports? ... does anyone have any ideas on work-around. I would love to submit as a bug, but it involves to much data that I cant share.

    Any advise would be much appreciated ...


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    Default Re: Printing to Network printer Issues??

    My educated guess (and that's all it is) is that something about your page layout, when printed to that particular printer, needs minor tweaking. Could be margins, could be where the page break is, could be an rtf, field or line object is slightly larger than it needs to be, and so on. It should have nothing per se to do with it being a network printer. Make a copy of your report, tweak it and test. You should be able to test by printing only a few pages rather than the whole document.

    Raymond Lyons

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