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Thread: copy selected records to usb flash drive

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    Default copy selected records to usb flash drive

    hi to all,

    What's the best approach in exporting selected records into USB flash drive, then upload those records into another computer with the same application from that usb drive?

    tia for suggestions

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    Default Re: copy selected records to usb flash drive

    Export records as say a csv file then import.
    I tend to export/import using purpose written xbasic scripts but you may well be able to use the genies to achieve what is required. You have not provided much info so it is hard to be specific.

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    Default Re: copy selected records to usb flash drive

    What about creating a "tranfer" table on the flash drive. Then create a "copy" operation to copy records to that table.

    You can then attach that table to the destination database and run another copy operation to get the records from the flash drive.

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    Default Re: copy selected records to usb flash drive

    I would consider creating an export file using the operation process (CSV is a good one). Then I would convert this a xbasic scipt. I would then modify the script for the user to select a drive and create a file name to save the file to. You can do this using the the browse for folder() function to get the directory, then ui_get_text() to allow the user to name the file. Replace the export file name with this variable and it will export to it.

    To import the file back, do a similar approach.
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    Default Re: copy selected records to usb flash drive

    Are you concerned at all about protecting the data, being that you will be copying tables (potentially sensitive) to a USB drive that could be used for other purposes? If so, consider this:

    It's a totally free (personal or commercial) encryption package that is fast, simple, and quite secure. You can create a folder (and you can assign a drive letter to refer to that folder, if you wish) and then whatever you copy into it is secure. This works for any drive, including USB "thumb" drives.
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