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Thread: SQL Named Connection String Alias not replaced

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    Default SQL Named Connection String Alias not replaced

    I had a post last week about this and found a temporary workaround functional enough, but after a few days of holiday, I'm back to dealing with the reality of it.

    My server's connection string alias isn't replacing my development machine connection string alias when published and run. If I make the local machine's named connection string that of the server's connection string and publish, it works on the server, meaning that the application server is operating based on the local named connection string. But for development purposes, the server's connection string doesn't work on the local machine for obvious reasons.

    All had worked fine until I got a new development machine, on which I've loaded the latest release of Alpha, restored a backed-up database project, and attached copies of our database to the new machine's SQL Server databases. Because the new machine has a different connection string (note that only the PC name has changed--i.e. it was Bob\SQLEXPRESS and now it's Joe\SQLEXPRESS), I made the change in Alpha so that the local named connection string worked properly. But as soon as I published a grid to the server, the application server threw up server connection errors and caused significant problems until I figured out the workaround.

    Can anyone tell me how to correct this problem? I'd be quite grateful.

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    Default Re: SQL Named Connection String Alias not replaced

    You could try this.

    1. Goto Web-Projects
    2. Goto Menu Bar > Manage Connection String > AlphaDAO Connection Strings
    3. Edit the Names Connection String with the parameter values for the server JOE\SQLEXPRESS
    4. Clean the target Publish folder on you Development machines C:\A5Webroot Folder
    5. Do a refresh clean publish of the code. but Do not run it.
    6. Copy the entire published code from the C:\A5Webroot folder and copy it to you Server's A5Webroot folder
    7. Goto the Application Server settings on the Server JOE; Re-Start the server.
    8. Run the application on the browser.

    This is dirty method of doing such a thing. Some times what happens is that you would need to Re-Start the Application Server to initialize any new changes to your web-application.

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