I've been an Alpha Five programmer/user for at least 10 years now, all the way back to A4V3 DOS. I enjoy programming and am pretty good at it. The problem is I just don't have time to do the things I'd like to do or write the programs I'd like to write. I can't be doing all of the programming, and also do all of the selling, along with everything else.

Therefore, I'm looking to partner up with a good Alpha Five programmer. You do the programming, I'll do the selling and marketing and we'll share in the profits.

Programming, selling and supporting a product is just too much for one person to effectively do if they are trying to sell a lot of software.

In my arsenal of programs I've written commercially a church program, a number of programs for the insurance industry, a phone messaging system (#1 & #6 on Google), a program to manage business names, and others. I have a nice login process that provides great security for the system and allows the owner to control who can see/do what.

But, like I said, I just can't do it all anymore these days. So I'm looking to partner up. I'm looking for a better programmer than me (I'm stellar at Action Scripts, but don't know how to do xbasic or web apps). You really need to know how to proficiently program in both the desktop and web app, putting security in place so the product can't be pirated and more.

You will cover all of your expenses associates to programming and the income will be created by the sales of the program, partner. I didn't say employee or contract person who gets paid an hourly or per project basis. I said Partner who shares in the profits. Why a partner … you have an opportunity to make far more money so you'll be more committed to this project.

You also need to be a team player and easy to work with. All of my staff love me and love working with me. Do the people you work with love and appreciate working with you? Because I'm not interested in working with jerks or over-bearing, egotistical jack a****.

If this is of interest to you, let's chat. Drop me a line at brad@bacwa3.com with your contact information. Be prepared to demo some of your work showing both desktop and web apps, and I'll likewise be prepared to do the same but only for desktop programs.

My first product I want to finish putting together and get ready to market is a solid, very functional Client/Prospect database program with Netmailer (I have the runtime) and Word Merge for marketing. I have the foundation built for this, but it's not done and I just have too much stuff on my plate to finish it. I'll share what I have and would like to see. I am very open to your ideas and suggestions for this project. Since most of the pieces are pretty much in place, not to suggest it won't still take time to get this done, but because so much is already in place this first product shouldn't take you long to finish.

You'll need to create the install file as well. All I should have to do is install it. I've been using Astrum. You'll also handle the management of upgrades and the upgrade install files. I'll share what I've done and we can brainstorm the best solution for this. While I am very content with my approach to this, I'm very open to better ideas. My point is, I only want to do selling, support (you may have to do some support too) and training of the product. I want you to be programming, upgrades/enhancements and creating the install files we'll ship out.

I'll include this product in with my mailings and marketing to local businesses, along with making it available to sell by over 50 people I work with who also sell to local businesses. We will also offer customization to personalize it to their business. If you can do websites with a database backend, that will open even more doors. This could be a very lucrative opportunity for a great programmer.

This will be just the beginning of software we'll together create and market. You do the programming side along with the tasks around this are and I'll handle the marketing, sales and support side. All I ask is that you give me software that is easy to use and train on that is rock solid and that's easy to deploy.

Let's talk!