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Thread: Can't refesh data first time

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    Default Can't refesh data first time

    I'm running Quickbooks Premier Accountant Edition 2008, US edition on Vista. QODBC connection is working OK. The first time I refresh data I get to 69% and it hangs on the "Bill" table. I've tried it several times, and let it run for over seven hours. But it hangs at the same table everytime. The QReportBuilder process shows no CPU usage in task manager. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Can't refesh data first time

    Hi Darryl,
    I suggest not trying to refresh every table (140+) at once....refresh the tables you require (or think you need) for a specific report. If you then have an issue with a specific table refresh then other possibilities as causes can be looked into.

    Have you tried just the Bill table separately?
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