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Thread: "Field is Required", Auto Increment

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    Default "Field is Required", Auto Increment


    I have a form based on a set. There is an auto increment field "Company_id" that is set to "always required" in field rules. I keep getting an error message "Field is Required: Company_Id". This is even though the field shows as filled out. I do have two embedded browses on the same form that show child records, but I have not entered data into these browses. Anyone else have an idea why I am getting the error message? Also, would you suggest that I would be better off removing the "always required" from field rules and dealing with that at the form level?


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    Default Re: "Field is Required", Auto Increment

    Start by taking off the always required from this field. Since you also have the field set as an auto increment field Alpha will always fill in this field and also prevent edits. So you should not need any further action.
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