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Thread: Refresh table fails

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    Default Refresh table fails

    I am trying to refresh a couple of LARGE tables. I am getting the following Error.

    Could not create local cache for data from your Database. Your Database reported the following error:

    Database API specific error

    Your database has returned the following error code and description to Alpha Five.
    Consult your database documentation for further information.

    10004 - '[QODBC] Error
    SQL State is: 42500 while converting ResultSet to DBF table'

    This is pretty much gibberish to me and doesn't offer any clue as to why this report, which has ran at the end of every quarter this year, with out fail, now gets this cryptic error message.

    Does anyone have any ideas what I need to do to get around this error? I need to have this report ran by the end of the week.

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    Default Re: Refresh table fails

    Hi Pat,
    Does the error also occur now when accessing a lessor record set which was successful before? Not knowing how you are obtaining records determines how to try and check this out.---if you take all the records when refreshing try adding a date range to limit the records coming over (may want to do this anyway as a matter of course).

    Your OS speed (cpu, ram, etc) may even play a part.

    I had one client whose report would not run correctly (if at all) until he upgraded to QRB v11. Why? It could have been a couple of things, but both I am assuming are due to the processing speed of the huge amount of data coming across....Will you have to do this? We will have to explore much further to determine if so. If you do need to test out in v11 you can download the trial version of it--BUT make a copy of your project first and open that--creating a back up also would be prudent. Once opened in v11 your project may not function correctly in a prior version dependent upon what your project has in it I have found. So I would do this as a last course of diagnostic if uncomfortable doing so.

    Other pertinent information that should be given....what else have you tried?

    Compacting Database?
    QRB complete shutdown--restart?
    Rebuilding Indices?

    Some/all of the above may be above your understanding and, if so, going off-board with this may be a possibility to try and diagnose this issue. Private message me if needed as it would take but a few minutes to do some of the testing if the error shows up in a relatively short time period.

    Al Buchholz may have an idea or two as well when he sees this.
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    Default Re: Refresh table fails

    I spoke with Pat and gave him a couple of suggestions that he will try when the workload allows.

    We'll post a follow up with the results.
    Al Buchholz
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