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Thread: Tilde still a problem

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    Default Tilde still a problem

    I store all of my data in a folder that start its name with a tilde. When trying to set a primary table I would get a baox that would say "Expected Value".

    I spent a long time trying to find an answer and found it in the forum in a posting from November 2002. You cannot have a tilde anywhere in the path of your DB file.

    This should be somewhere in the FAQ's under "Expected Value"

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    Default Re: Tilde still a problem

    Alpha is not happy with tilde in many places. It won't completely save an operation the includes tildes in the command. It will run in design more but not save the tilde or anything after it. It gives the "Expected value" error box.

    For example
    STRITRAN(FIELD_4, "~;~", " ")
    STRITRAN(FIELD_4, "~", "")
    STRITRAN(FIELD_4, ";~", "")
    STRITRAN(FIELD_4, ";", "")
    saves as
    STRITRAN(FIELD_4, ";", "")

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