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    Default Shortcutcreator

    I am using V10.5 Build 2972 - 3566.
    I have Runtime Plus of the same build.
    Both are installed in the default directories.

    I have an fluid power calculation application that works and I can create an Install Package - the process completes and I achieve a file for installation.

    In the Package creation I include a shortcut to the Desktop however when I run the installation file I get an error message - "shortcutcreator MFC Application has encountered a problem and needs to close" followed by the "Please tell microsoft about this problem" standard message.

    The only other anomally in the install that I have noticed is that the background bitmap does not appear during install.

    On completion of the installation the runtime and application work fine and I can create a Desktop shortcut manually that leads to the startup file and the whole thing works fine.

    I have tried to execute shortcutcreator.exe from my computer and it comes up with the same message.

    This leads me to think that the file itself may be the problem.

    I have done re-installs - re-downloaded the files from Alpha.

    Downloaded the latest updates and installed them - gone back to the versions that used to work

    Uninstalled - Registry cleaned and re-installed. Still the problem exists.

    I am a simple hydraulic engineer from Australia - anybody got any ideas?.

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    Default Re: Shortcutcreator

    First hit on Google gave me this---could be the cause....

    As you indicated, the error message says it is a Microsoft problem so is the first place I would look into.
    But the above seems to be for WinXP---so have no clue if this is even relevant to you or not as I don't know what OS you are using (which can be relevant even if it is an Alpha issue).

    And when you say
    gone back to the versions that used to work
    does this mean that the issues you have now did not appear until this Alpha build? Or that the prior versions that used to work no longer work either?

    Dunno about the background bitmap not loading.
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