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    Default *when()

    Has anyone tried this in a browse and it work?

    I have a form that has 2 major calculated fields in a browse along with a number of different color equations on each column. The form is slugish when you get a lot of records in the browse. In going thru the new features of V10.5 I found this function of *when() that will only recal when there is a change in the watch expression only. I figures this would speed the form up. Only problem is I can not get it to give the correct calculation now. It seams so simple to do. All I am doing is like the help states. I have cftotal = 1longexpression This works fine, but when I do cftotal = *when(recno(),1longexpression) I get wrong calculation.

    It would be a big pain to get a working (or not working example) so just seeing if anyone has any ideas before I go and make a working example.

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    Default Re: *when()

    Hi Jack,
    I just used it on a multiple color expression and it seems to work....but without a lot of records it is hard to know for certain if the watch does....

    If this doesn't work I have coded this into an embedded browse a while back in v8 for the exact same reason you want to use this for....I just tested if the object was a certain field and only performed that calculation instead of recalculating every field each time to significantly increase the speed of the browse response (instant instead of 4-5 seconds to go from one row to the next).
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