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Thread: Password Recovery

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    Default Password Recovery

    Is anyone using this feature? I still can't get it to work correctly. I can define and email out the new password, but when I try logging in using that new password, I get an error.

    Just my two cents, but one would think that the one-time password when entered would go to a screen where the user would automatically be prompted for a new password. What I am seeing is the "Change Password" screen which is asking for the old password, which, I don't have!

    Any ideas on this would be most welcome. Is this a bug?


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    Default Re: Password Recovery

    In the Web Projects Control Panel:

    Click on Web Security icon (between the Preview and Project Properties) then experiment with the settings under Web Security Configuration.

    It may be that Password Recovery is not exactly what you want to do when setting up a new user that has never logged in successfully.

    Somehow make sure that your new user and password do exist.
    Perhaps, under Utilities retrieve the Web Security data.

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