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Thread: Takes 5 minutes to post??

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    Default Takes 5 minutes to post??

    Is it just my system or is something happening on the forum? Every time I've posted anything lately it literally takes 5 minutes from the time I click the "Submit New Thread" button to the time it actually posts.

    (And, wouldn't you know, this new post posted immediately!)

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    Default Re: Takes 5 minutes to post??

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    Default Re: Takes 5 minutes to post??

    There is an issue with the system and from what I hear, is being worked on.

    I've noticed the slow response to a post, but noticed that the posting was actually completed, but the browser did not indicate it's completion. Using another tab I could see the post was on the messageboard. Hopefully this and the email notification will be corrected soon......

    edit: - still slow on this post...
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    Default Re: Takes 5 minutes to post??

    It posts right away.. your screen doesn't update for awhile. If you click submit, then check the message baord, your post will be there.

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