Hi all

I have a function set on an a5w page that uses a list and a "for each in list" to create a web page with multiple customer logo and lots of other details.

I am using sql_lookups to set my session variables; I am then creating a string and outputting it to my web page. I am seeing all my customers’ logos but none of the other session variables.

If I take the html code that is sent to my web page and place it into a new web page and set the variables within the head it all works correctly; when I check the serverinfo page my variables are not set; does anybody know why my variables would not be created outside the function.

I can pass the variable individually to the web page

here is a sample of my code

dim session.eDate as d
session.eDate = rs.data("DateTime_Transfer_Effective")
dim session.vUserID as c 
session.vUserID = rs.data("User_ID")
dim session.vUserName as c
session.vUserName = sql_lookup(cn,"Users","ID = '"+session.vUserID+"'","User_Name")
dim session.vUserEmail as c
session.vUserEmail = sql_lookup(cn,"Users","ID = '"+session.vUserID+"'","email") 

session.myBody = <<%html%
<div class="noprint">
		<img alt="" src="images/logo1.jpg" style="width:281px;height:103px">
		<input type="image" src="images/printer.jpg" value="Print This Report" style="width:72px;height:72px" border="0" onclick="printpage()" />
		<div style="position: absolute; width: 138px; height: 54px; z-index: 1; left: 415px; top: 133px" id="layer1">
		<br />
		<div  style="position: absolute; width: 650px; height: 30px; z-index: 1; left: 10px; top: 133px" id="layer1">
		<strong><u>TRANSFER NOTE</u></strong><br><%a5?"Transfer No:" +" "+session.displayNo%><br>
		<div Class="KontrolPrint" style="position: absolute; width: 300px; height: 54px; z-index: 1; left: 10px; top: 200px" id="layer1">
		<%a5?"Creation Date:" +" "+session.vdate%><br>
		<%a5?"Reference1:" +"     "+session.vRef1%><br>
		<%a5?"Created By:" +"    "+session.vUserName%><br>
		<%a5?"Contact Email:" +" "+session.vUserEmail%><br>

PrintMulti = session.myBody