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Thread: How do i change the delete icon 'tooltip' (title="Delete Row")

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    Question How do i change the delete icon 'tooltip' (title="Delete Row")

    Trying to implement two languages on a grid.

    I can't find where the 'Delete Row' tooltip is defined to be able to change it for another language.

    Also - the Undo Changes and Save Changes tooltips when I have icons on the grid row.

    Does anyone know where these tooltips are stored?



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    Default Re: How do i change the delete icon 'tooltip' (title="Delete Row")

    Not sure where they're actually stored but you can get at them after the grid is rendered. This is where all this stuff get really fun!

    In Grid Properties you have a Customize section that lets you get at Javascript Windows and Customize Icons, but I couldn't see a property for the tools tips that pop up when you hover over an object.

    In the Grid Javascript System Events OnGridRender, put this:

    var divCollection = document.getElementsByTagName('img');
    for (var i=0; i < divCollection.length; i++) {
        if(divCollection[i].getAttribute("title") == "Save changes") {
    	divCollection[i].setAttribute("title","New Save changes");
        if(divCollection[i].getAttribute("title") == "Undo changes") {
    	divCollection[i].setAttribute("title","New Undo changes");
    You can grab any part of the rendered HTML and look through it. To make this really functional I'm going to set up a table with a new language code and map a few tool tips. Then just go get it and set it.

    Not sure if there's an easier or better way to do this, but this is one way.

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    Default Re: How do i change the delete icon 'tooltip' (title="Delete Row")


    Thanks for sharing your creative ideas for expanding Alpha's functionality. I have been looking for a way to create a mouse over text for the row expander icon. I will experiment with your method to get it to work.

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