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Thread: Retrieve file name, path, size, create/modify date

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    Default Retrieve file name, path, size, create/modify date

    Stan Matthews gets full credit for this and it is exactly what i needed, and tried for quite a while without success.
    I am sure i am not the only one needing this so i wanted to post it here for others.

    This script retrieves, from a directory, file names, extension, size, path, create date and modify date and puts the data into a table named 'documents'. The Parse_Name field has just the file name and no extension.

    The table structure is:

    also have these calculated fields
    File_Ext - calculated with this: FILE.FILENAME_PARSE(FILE_NAME,"E")

    Parse_Name - calculated with this: FILE.FILENAME_PARSE(FILE_NAME,"N")

    You can replace the * in this line to a specific extension if preferred.
    ie: * to jpg for only jpg images.
    list = filefind.get_recurse(directory,"*.jpg",
    as_is = table.external_record_content_get("documents","alltrim(file_path) +','+ alltrim(file_name) +','+ alltrim(file_Size) +','+ alltrim(file_create) +','+ alltrim(file_modify)")
    dim directory as C
    directory="C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\Images"+ chr(92)
    list = filefind.get_recurse(directory,"*.*",
    not_found = word_subtract(list,as_is,crlf())"documents",FILE_RW_EXCLUSIVE)
    Epigate Software, LLC.

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    Default Re: Retrieve file name, path, size, create/modify date

    Thanks for the smart code Stan.
    I was about to ask for some help but then had another go at it. I have tweaked your code to work for my application. I thought to post it here if someone else might want to try it and/or tell me if I've done something wrong or could do it better. I will need to work out the reverse now. What if I want to delete all the files from a folder?

    I needed a code where the user can add many files into a folder that are related to a parent field. Then import only the files in the child table that does not exist already.

    dim shared vid as N
    'Filter record_content_get to show only child records
    as_is = table.external_record_content_get("documents","alltrim(filename)","component_id","component_id = Var->vid")

    dim directory as C
    My component files are kept in a folder that equals component_id. User can now add many documents into this folder.
    'on my component form I've added an "Open Folder" button which create a directory and open it or if it already exist open that folder[/COLOR]
    directory=A5.GET_PATH()+ chr(92)+id.value
    list = filefind.get_recurse(directory,"*.*",FILE_FIND_NOT_DIRECTORY,"N")
    not_found = word_subtract(list,as_is,crlf())
    'create 2nd crlf list and add parent_id field and date_added to each line
    not_found2= *for_each(foo,foo+","+var->vid+now(),not_found)"documents")
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    Default Re: Retrieve file name, path, size, create/modify date

    Quote Originally Posted by esvdm View Post
    What if I want to delete all the files from a folder?]
    list = filefind.get_recurse(directory,"*.*", FILE_FIND_NORMAL+FILE_FIND_NOT_DIRECTORY,"PN")
    for each foo in list
    There can be only one.

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    Default Re: Retrieve file name, path, size, create/modify date

    Just thought I would note you can manually do similar things with

    dir > myfile.txt This will output the current directory to a text file myfile.txt

    This type of output

    Volume in drive C has no label.
    Volume Serial Number is A413-2500

    Directory of C:\Users\Michael

    12/03/2014 14:18 <DIR> .
    12/03/2014 14:18 <DIR> ..
    03/01/2014 11:36 <DIR> .android
    05/07/2012 08:56 <DIR> .gconf
    05/07/2012 09:00 <DIR> .gconfd
    26/05/2012 15:41 <DIR> .gnome2
    26/05/2012 15:41 <DIR> .gnome2_private
    26/05/2012 15:44 <DIR> .gnucash
    20/01/2006 15:15 5,755 0950-3350.jpg
    21/06/2004 15:31 4,227 0950-3988.jpg
    22/06/2010 10:36 4,939 0957-2094.jpg
    14/05/2010 12:00 4,599 0957-2119.jpg
    21/04/2010 09:54 7,431 0957-2146.jpg
    21/04/2010 10:07 6,042 0957-2230.jpg
    11/06/2010 10:31 5,465 0957-2242.jpg

    schtasks /Query /FO CSV /s ServerName /v > d:\schtemp.csv If you run a lot of batch files you can use syntax like this to get a CSV output of the task scheduler.


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    Default Re: Retrieve file name, path, size, create/modify date

    Remove Files based on their Date
    All of my Clients scan-to-PDF about 10-30 Documents / work day and upload them to a WebSite.
    After about 30-45 days they are no longer used or needed on the Client's Disk.
    Yet they have to search that directory for the file to upload after each scan.
    1000's of files gets messy
    So, I have wanted to give them any easy way to remove them after a chosen number of days.
    Stan's idea is perfect with some additions:
    cdirectory = "J:\ABAH" ' This will be a VAR for each Client
    list = filefind.get_recurse(cdirectory,"*.pdf", FILE_FIND_NORMAL+FILE_FIND_NOT_DIRECTORY,"TPN")
    IF len(list)<2
    msgbox("","No Files found")
    END IF
    cAge = ui_get_number("Oldest File Date:","Enter Older-Than Age. 0 to Cancel","30")
    nAge = val(cAge)
    IF nAge < 5
    END IF
    nCnt = 0
    FOR each foo in list
    Filedate= Word(foo.value,1,Chr(32),1)
    dFiledate = CtoD(Filedate)
    dRemovedate = date()-nAge
    IF dFiledate <= dRemovedate
    nfileloc = len(foo.value) - len(word(foo.value,1,cdirectory,1))
    filenam = right(foo.value,nfileloc)
    nCnt = nCnt + 1
    END IF
    msgbox("Note:",nCnt + " "+"Files were removed")

    Thanks again Stan

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