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Thread: Problems with Alpha v10.5 in windows7

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    Tiago Candeias
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    Default Problems with Alpha v10.5 in windows7


    We have 5 computers running A5v10.5 with windowsXP and some weeks ago we upgraded one computer with windows7.
    After that, we detected some problems:
    1- deleted records in tables
    2- thousands of records with the same value in a field (maybe a post operation put all records with the same value in that column)
    3- problems of exclusive access to childs in a set

    Did you detect some problems with windows7?

    It is normal to have different computer with diferent operating systems running alpha?

    The point 3, I am not sure but can be a alpha bug corrected at 28 feb 2011.

    Can someone help?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: Problems with Alpha v10.5 in windows7

    There have been some reported issues Tiago. Search to Forum.
    If you have updated one PC then you might need to reload the Runtime and make sure that the versions (RT and Dev) are the same.
    I have had to move Alpha out of the X86 folder in one case, and suggest you don't add it to a SS Boot Drive.
    With the number of Win7 updates flying about, you will probably experience a few more hiccoughs.
    Ted Giles
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    See our site for Alpha Support, Conversion and Upgrade.

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    Default Re: Problems with Alpha v10.5 in windows7

    A shadowed client with about 17 work stations, who was on server 2003, and all xp w/s's moved to server 2008, and we now have about seven w7 w/s's.

    I DO NOT put Alpha in program files, and I DO NOT put the shadow in "My Documents." Alpha runs from the root directory, and the shadow is a folder inside Alpha, like it used to be.

    I first determine that I have administrator rights, and then run the basic install as administrator, open Alpha, close Alpha, and then run the patch also as administrator, and then open and close Alpha.

    In my case, I just copy a copy of the shadow and a shortcut to open it from the server to the Alpha folder, and it is running successfully on all w7 w/s's. In my case, all w/s's have a mapped network drive, and they are all exactly the same. To put the shadow folder and shortcut on the server, I go to an existing w/s and copy them to the server for convenient availability.

    Unless, in my case, I install exactly as explained, I have had issues.
    Cole Custom Programming - Terrell, Texas
    972 524 8714

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