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Thread: MySQL by desktop applications

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    Default MySQL by desktop applications

    We are going to convert our dbf tables to MySQL very successfully in the last months. Final test with our desktop applications are almost finished. Later on, we want to use the Alpha Five application server.

    We had many problems with the German characters, äöüß. But we could solve the problems, when we change the collation to latin1_german2_ci. Then we import the data from dbt to mysql. The sort result is better than within dbf databases. The program MySQL Workbench has been very helpfully.

    When we start the query by form, we can’t find word that contains German character. Instead of the special characters we use placeholder *, just a workaround.

    Today I used query by genie and I have been amazed that we can found any words.

    May be it is a bug? Any suggestions?


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    Default Re: MySQL by desktop applications

    Why not query using chr() instead of the "placeholders".
    for example, for ä search using chr(-28)

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    Default Re: MySQL by desktop applications

    You should be able to insert the Alternate character set using alt + char number.

    Example holding down alt and keying 171 returns a "½".
    Bit clunky though.
    Ted Giles
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