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Thread: Report Design Question

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    Default Report Design Question

    I'm trying to make a report which is direct modification of QuickBooks' Profit and Loss Budget Overview report. I'm having an issue importing that report into QRB, or any report for that matter. Is there some trick to getting it to pulling it throuhg to QRB? If not, what's the best way to make a report with those layers of categorical data whose total expenses are displayed on the right of each one?

    I'm trying to make quite literaly the exact same report, but I want to omit certain pieces of the data which are accounting for the grand total at the bottom of the report.


    James Elmore

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    Default Re: Report Design Question

    Hi James,
    I've been out of town otherwise would have responded much earlier.

    I have dealt with the Profit & Loss reports that are available quite a bit and I assure you that they do come across....formatting can be a bit tricky but definitely doable. If what you state is correct and all that is wanted is to eliminate some data then basing your report on an existing QuickBooks' report is the fastest way to what you want instead of trying to replicate what QuickBooks already has done via utilizing all the tables that are used to accumulate the necessary data.

    Make sure you are specifying the fiscal year as a date parameter as it is required for these reports. I noticed your other posts and is this issue related to the problems you were having then? Or have they been resolved now?
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