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Thread: Error Adding Relation Child

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    Default Error Adding Relation Child

    I'm trying to figure out where to start on this one -- looking for ideas:

    The attached error message is produced by previewing a report, and then attempting to save it as a PDF. My customer gets this sometimes, I get it sometimes. Using A5v10, later-to-current builds.

    Usually you get this kind of message if a set needs to access a table using a linking index, and the index does not exists, but the table is in use elsewhere so the index cannot be built.

    But, that's clearly not the case here: The report is already produced as a preview, so we know the tables and indexes are in place.

    I tried this on the Alpha Sports Invoice report which is based on a set but could not reproduce the problem there.

    Any thoughts?
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    Default Re: Error Adding Relation Child

    Hi Steve,
    Does Alpha show in the database information that the table is open?

    If not then do you have the code editor open---has caused this error for me before....doubt it is your cause though unless your customer has access to it. Another similar issue I had was remedied by using a registry cleaner to rid the system of unwanted/needed entries (also sped up Alpha).
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    Default Re: Error Adding Relation Child

    This just happened to me (again) when trying to put a stand alone browse, based on a set, in design mode. When I went to check the indexes for the errant table reported in the error message - all the indexes were gone. Lucky for me I have Cal Locklin's rebuild index function and was able to restore them. Once I did that the error went away and I was able to open the browse. However when I did that all the indexes disappeared again! The indexes are fairly simple using one or two fields and no filters.

    I am going to try deleting the browse (and the set it is based on?) and see if that makes a difference when opening another set that uses this table...

    Ah Hah - the browse error was only the symptom, the problem was the set had a filter for a field in that table that was no longer in use (name cx'd but not removed)
    The set is only used for a report and the browse was only for testing the data - neither of which I had checked when I changed the table.

    I should know better... I was able to fix the set without losing the report or the browse. Now I can find this post if it happens again.
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