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Thread: Looking for a tutor

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    Default Looking for a tutor

    I'm working with AlphaFive more than half of year. I try make my first application for my customer, stock first, then order and invoices.
    I'm near to end stock part. Often I have some problem, I try solved it by myself, sometimes I wrote to this forum and I sometimes I got help.
    It's too much time consuming for me. I have to finish that app few month ago. I have to finish this application as soon as possible and future as AlphaFive programmer for my customer will be open for me.
    I looking for some helpful, experienced guy (or women :-) ), which sometimes can connect to my computer (via Teamviewer for example) and interactive help me with my problems. We can discuss about reward.
    You can contact me via ICQ, Skype or PM.


    Alexander Krišš
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