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Thread: Printing Problems :-(

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    Default Printing Problems :-(

    Hello Forum Users,

    Have been through the related posts, but am still having issues printing, after a malicious virus attack. Here are the hardware details:

    Machine: Dell Dimension E310
    OS: Windows XP, SP 2
    A4: V7
    Printer: Panasonic KXP1124 (Dot Matrix)

    To date, I have reconfigured the printer as a Windows-based printer in A4, and verified it's existence in the prininfo.a4. It's there, and an entry for the KXP1124 exists. The printer prints test pages fine in Windows (as well as other Windows applications, e.g. Quicken)

    And for the record, this printer has been working fine before the virus attack. It's connected via a IEEE 1284 printer port to USB cable. However, everytime I try to print a record the screen goes blank and I get booted out to Windows. I am not able to see any error msg- happening too fast.

    At this point I am considering purchasing a dedicated IEEE 1284 printer card from Fry's instead of having to do the USB-to-1284 process. Any other suggestions, however?

    I thank you in advance for your suggestions!


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    Default Re: Printing Problems :-(

    Quote Originally Posted by Texas_Guy View Post
    after a malicious virus attack.
    Did you wipe the machine clean and reload the OS from scratch?
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    Default Re: Printing Problems :-(

    Did you wipe the machine clean and reload the OS from scratch?

    No, I did not. I used Malware Bytes to cleanup the various Adware that had infected the machine, then ran Kaspersky several times as good measure.

    I infer (and agree) that a clean install would be the way to go...unfortunately this is a client's machine. I am hoping something a little less drastic might be successful.

    Thank you for responding.


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