I've been helping a client who has a chain of 15 retail cell phone stores selling phones and accessories, tablets, phone plans, and internet services. He has now been running his whole business exclusively on Alpha/MySQL on a Zebrahost dedicated server for just over a year.

Can Alpha handle the load? Absolutely!

Here are the numbers from the last year:
41,832 cell phone Activation transations
68,550 Invoices
127,806 Invoice line items
2,839 Purchase orders
26,783 PO line items
75,800 Items controlled in Inventory
191,309 Inventory transactions including sales, customer returns, warranty repairs, store to store transfers and returns to the manufacturer.
70 full time employees generating 105,000 logins working 7 days a week, 16 hours a day.

But, that's not the impressive part. The best part of Alpha as a programming environment is not only how quickly you can build the app, but also how quickly you can change it. My client is the one-man IT department for his company, yet, with a little help from me, he has built and maintained the entire application himself while also keeping 90 computers running in 15 different cities and still getting out to play golf on Friday afternoons.

The ability to quickly change Alpha has been key to the success. The telephone manufacturers and the phone companies change the phones, the prices, the plans, the spiffs and the commissions at least monthly, yet it has never taken more that 3~4 hours to make the changes, even in the worst of situations. The government changed the tax structure...done in 2 hours.

To anyone who asks if Alpha can handle their app, I'd say Absolutely!