Currently a4v7 is running on a Win XPHE laptop. That is being replaced by a new laptop with Win7 Pro. I have been trying to get the a4v7 to run in the XP mode in the new machine, but I can not get any further than the 'database directory' screen asking for sets and dirs. Started by copying all a4v7 files into a flash drive from the old laptop. Tested getting a4v7 to run from the flash drive on a desk top running XPHE. That worked. Tried the same thing with the Win7 WP mode and as I said before, the program stopped at that 'database directory' screen where it is asking for the .sets and .dirs. The new computer recognizes the flash drive and starts the program with "a4v7". When it gets to that screen it seems to default to C:\* and some of the 'C' directories. Indexing the list, 'A', 'C' and 'D', will show also almost like the 'Parent' list in the old laptop. I can change the path at the bottom by clicking "create db' however when directed to the flash drive I get a 'bad path' error message. I tried to load some dirs and sets into one of the 'C' directories listed, however, still 'bad path' error. The hard drive is partitioned so I loaded the a4v7 files into one of the drives -not 'C'- and the same result. The a4v7 in the old laptop is not running from a partition other than 'C' so felt that would not be a problem here. I have tried all that I could think of and would appreciate any suggestions with this problem. dsc