I hope someone can help me understand why the Reset button works the way it does.

On a Web Dialog, I am using serveral radio buttons, dropdowns, text boxes, etc , and a single Advanced Button that I intend to use for a "Preview" function.

I can change any of the component contents, and pressing the "reset" button will set their values back to the initial values.

However, once I press an Advanced Button, even if it has no code attached to it's On Click event, the changes in the form seem to be "locked in" and become the new "initial" values for the controls. In fact, if you now change a control to a different value, pressing "reset" changes it back to its newly locked in initial value.

My intention was to simply press the "Preview" button and fill in a text area with some text based on the other components of the form. I was hoping that after previewing, a user could press "Reset" to get back to the intial values (as you might want to do if you were starting over". However, this does not work as I thought or expected it to.

My question is, has anyone else experienced this, and is this the correct default behavior for an Advanced Button on a web dialog form? Can this behavior be overridden?

Thanks for your input...