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Thread: carbonite recovery

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    Default carbonite recovery

    Bad news...My computer crashed and I need to work on my database. Good news...I had the files backed up on Carbonite. Bad news...downloading brings back one folder.

    I am trying to recover my database from Carbonite. When I download the folder with the database, the zip file lost all subfolder structure. When I extract, it all goes into one folder. Do I need to recreate the structure (name_DB.WebProducts, name_DB_History, Backup and down another 2-3 levels) and then extract into the new subfolders for AlphaFive to find all the components necessary to use the database? Is there an easier way?

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    Walter Morgan
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    Default Re: carbonite recovery

    Normally, you have the option of maintaining sub-folders when unzipping a .ZIP file. I know you do with WINZIP.

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