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Thread: Looking to Hire Consultant

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    Default Looking to Hire Consultant

    My name is Nick Clark, I am the Business Manager with Thermionics. Our production department uses an old Alpha Four V7 database. We are looking for a consultant to fix a problem with printing labels.

    The problem is the printer keeps on printing a partial barcode. It does not stop printing once it starts. The system uses some old barcode assembly that is somehow connected to a script in Alpha Four. We have narrowed down the problem and do not believe it is related to hardware or Windows. We do not know what changed and caused the problem. The system used to work.

    We are located in Port Townsend, WA and would prefer someone able to come to the plant. We are not locked into using the old barcode dot matrix printers or using the same method that the system uses right now. We simply need the functionality restored as soon as possible.

    Upgrading or exporting to another system is not an ideal solution at this time. Our current objective is to work on implementing procedural changes before moving to an ERP. We are looking to keep using our existing software systems for the time being.

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    Default Re: Looking to Hire Consultant

    Hi Nick,

    I am not a consultant, but, have worked with Alpha quite a lot over the years, starting with Alpha4v3 in about 1995.

    In my experience, you can never rule out changes within Windows (updates) being (or creating) the problem.

    Has an auto update to Windows corrupted the print driver? Try reloading the driver.

    I have over the years, had scripts and batchfiles run via scripts that have stopped work correctly or failed to work at all. They worked at close of play on Friday but would not work on Monday. If we did a system restore to the Friday all worked ok again until Tuesday after another auto update. The only work around we had (as we were forced to use auto update) was to re-work the scripts and sometimes re-write a batchfile.

    If the printing is carried out through a script, you could try debugging the script and running the script step by step to see if you can spot where it trips up.

    Good luck,


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