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Thread: Group purchase 3rd part calendar?

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    Default Group purchase 3rd part calendar?

    I'm very interested in the new calendar feature offered by Alpha, but the announcement said it requires a 3rd party calendar sold separately. The announcement didn't say which one or how much, so Im wondering, once we know which one, if we can get together and make a group purchase to save us all some money.

    Perhaps IADN could coordinate and accumulate the orders on our behalf???
    Pat Bremkamp
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    Default Re: Group purchase 3rd part calendar?

    My educated guess is that it might be wise to wait for announcements from Alpha on this subject.
    Ger Kurvers
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    Default Re: Group purchase 3rd part calendar?

    from the wiki:
    Structure What's New in Version 11 > New Web Components V11 > Calendar Component V11
    Calendar Component
    Optional feature pack, included in subscription; requires an additional 3rd-party license that is not included in a subscription ----> extra <$$$$> visit website!

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